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Visa and MasterCard are sending confidential alerts to financial institutions across the United States this week, warning them about more than 200,000 credit cards that were stolen in the epic data breach announced last week at big-three credit bureau Equifax. At … Continue reading

Identity theft is reaching “epidemic levels”, according to a fraud prevention group, with people in their 30s the most targeted group. ID fraudsters obtain personal information before pretending to be that individual and apply for loans or store cards in … Continue reading

Scores of people have reported being ripped off by a ticket exchange website leaving them hundreds – and in some cases thousands – of pounds out of pocket. The issue of ticket fraud is widespread and growing. Almost 22,000 people reported losses … Continue reading

The UK’s official online safety group has warned Tesco Bank customers that fraudsters may launch further attempts to steal money and bank details in the wake of one of the largest cyber attacks on a bank in history. Get Safe … Continue reading

An international swoop on payment card fraudsters – or ‘carders’ – has resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in Canada, Finland, Spain and the UK including an 18-year-old man in Birmingham. Two teenagers aged 15 and 16 were also … Continue reading

A device that allows criminals to clone contactless bank cards in bulk is up for sale on the so-called dark web. The Contactless Infusion X5 can steal information from nearby cards, including the card number and the card holder’s name … Continue reading

Sanford Wallace, 47, is nicknamed the “Spam King” and last year pleaded guilty to federal charges including fraud and criminal contempt in connection with using electronic mail. Wallace, who is from Las Vegas, also faces a fine of $310,000 (£218,500). … Continue reading

The alleged investment fraud tactic known as ‘boiler room’ has continued operating for over a year. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority has charged a group of five individuals with investment fraud. The allegations against Michael Nascimento, Hugh Edwards, Stuart Rea, … Continue reading

Contactless payments tripled last year, and now make up an estimated one in seven of all transactions, so it’s particularly alarming to learn that people with contactless cards may be twice as likely to fall victim to fraud than those … Continue reading

Unofficial websites illegally selling Euro 2016 tickets could leave fans being refused entry, Which? has warned. Rules by the European football body Uefa mean ticket-holders are likely to need photo ID to get into grounds, which won’t match the name … Continue reading

Social media sites must do more to tackle online ticket fraud, after being used for nearly half of all such scams last year, councils have warned. Sports and music fans have been warned by Trading Standards teams to beware of … Continue reading

Britain’s small businesses are losing more than £9bn a year to fraudsters who send false invoices, viruses posing as bills, or who pose as suppliers on the phone, it has emerged. Of more than 1,000 small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) surveyed … Continue reading

Cyber-thieves are sticking to email as their preferred way to trick victims into falling for scams, suggests a report. The online crime groups were shunning mobiles and newer technologies in favour of phishing campaigns, said the report from Verizon. The … Continue reading

Fraudsters who conducted one of the largest boiler room fraud schemes ever pursued by a UK authority have been ordered to pay their victims £11m ($15.8m, €13.9m) in compensation, the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has revealed. When the investors … Continue reading

Banking details stolen from more than a million people worldwide can be bought from an website on the open internet, rather than on the “dark web”, for as little as £1.67. Criminals are selling the stolen credit and debit card … Continue reading

Criminals are hacking into public and commercial wi-fi hotspots to steal people’s private data and credit card details, police warned today. Detectives say victims of the attacks are often not aware of how cyber-hackers gained access to their bank accounts, … Continue reading

Insurer lashes out at ‘outrageous scale’ of fraud as it revealed successful fight against 46 claimants whose party bus collided with a Ford Fiesta. When a Ford Fiesta collided with a double-decker party bus packed with revellers on a roundabout … Continue reading

Craig O’Donohue, 29, and Paul Murgatroyd, 28, duped hundreds of fans who paid over the odds to watch the team play at Anfield. Two crooks who plotted a £100,000 scam to forge Liverpool FC tickets have been jailed for a … Continue reading

It was the number of letters which her aunt was receiving that first made Penny Eggebrecht suspicious. That and the fact her aunt was getting through a chequebook almost every week sending money in response. The letters were from overseas … Continue reading

There’s a new, little-known scam designed to empty your bank account, as one Vodafone customer found to her cost. When Emma Franks’ mobile phone stopped working she assumed there was a technical problem and called her provider, Vodafone. To her … Continue reading