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A question that always come up about fraud data is can I share it with a third party and how securely should I hold the data? The first answers lies in the details of the Data Protection Act, the act … Continue reading

It`s probably not correct to call fraud prevention a game when you consider the millions of pounds lost to fraud each year, but in my view it is. Members of the travel industry are constantly looking for the next solution … Continue reading

Fraud prevention is important but the best thing that can happen to a travel fraudster is to have them convicted. So the question is how many of the frauds against your business have resulted in a conviction? The answer is … Continue reading

Having worked in fraud prevention for many years, despite the wish for endless amounts of investment to stop fraud and enough resources to deal with any booking that I may think is fraudulent, the one thing I would wish for … Continue reading

Think about the last time you had a suspected fraudulent booking and then try and work out how long your organisation spent trying to deal with it? If your organisation is well versed in dealing with fraudulent bookings then you … Continue reading